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1. Cohen, Dalia:   Bach: Forerunner of the Future through Exploration of the Potential of Learned and Natural Schemata. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
2. Oort, Frans:   An aspect of harmony in music of Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
3. Tatlow, Ruth:   The Use and Abuse of the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Section and The Divine Proportion in Musicology Today: With particular application to Bach Studies. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
4. Clarke, Eric F.:   Empirical approaches to the study of (Bach) performance. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
5. Papadopoulos, Marios:   Motion in Music: Perspectives of Movement and Time in Musical Interpretation. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
6. Rifkin, Joshua:   The Impossible Text: A Postmodern Edition of the B minor Mass? [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
7. Wolff, Christoph:   Bach's Music and Newtonian Science: Historical Observations and Analytical Explanations. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
8. Butt, John:   Bach, the Postmodern Mindset and Scholarship Today. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
9. Stewart, Andrew:   Big boys do cry: The lachrymose in J. S. Bach. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
10. Huneus, Francisco Claro:   Discovery and Invention in Science and Music. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
11. Golomb, Harai:   Bach's Musical Complexity Viewed from a Lieterary Perspective. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
12. Cross, Ian:   Bach in mind. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
13. Wiggins, Geraint A.:   Computational creativity and the study of musical composition. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)
14. Hewitt, Angela:   Bach and the Dance. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001)

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