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1. Madry, Alina:   The long-lost harpsichord by Burkat Tschudi, No. 496. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
2. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive Editions of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Italy. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
3. Gero, Olga:   The unidentified source of the text in Dietrich Buxtehude's Fallax mundus. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
4. Varwig, Bettina:   Bach in the Twenty–First Century. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
5. Naliwajek-Mazurek, Katarzyna:   A Dialogue: Pawë Szymañski and Bach. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013) Latin 2
6. Shabalina, Tatiana:   Discoveries in St Petersburg: New Perspectives on Bach and Poland. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
7. Erickson, Raymond:   The Early Enlightenment, Jews, and Bach: Further Considerations. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
8. Stockigt, Janice B.:   A Te Deum performance in Bautzen by members of Dresden's Hofkapelle: 19 May 1733. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
9. Markovska, Nadya:   Variety as an aesthetic norm in early-eighteenth century music. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
10. Reul, Barbara:   Vital statistics: J. S. Bach and J. F. Fasch in comparison. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
11. McCormick, Susan:   The Newly Rediscovered Kittel Choralbuch. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
12. Stockigt, Janice B.; Owens, Samantha; Szuster, Jula; Maddox, Alan:   'Bach the Sublime': Australasian Reception of the St. Matthew Passion, 1875-1950. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
13. Kreinin, Yulia:   Choosing an influence, or the Rorschach test: Images of Bach as reflected in 20th century compositions. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
14. Melamed, Daniel R.:   Did J. S. Bach’s Listeners Analyze? [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
15. Diprose, Mike; Frankowski, Patryk:   Historically Informed Performance practice of Bach music from organological perspective [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
16. Papadopoulou, Vasiliki:   Performance history of J. S. Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin as reflected in Instructive Editions. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
17. Salamon, Anna:   Concertos of Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar and their reflection in J.S. Bach's arrangements. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
18. Paczkowski, Szymon:   Bach and Poland in the 18th century. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
19. Wolff, Christoph; Wollny, Peter; Maul, Michael; Blanken, Christine; Bärwald, Manuel:   Bach Looking East. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
20. Crist, Stephen A.:   A compositional testing ground: Arias in J. S. Bach’s Weimar church cantatas. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
21. Rathey, Markus:   The Function of Compositional Revisions in the Christmas Oratorio. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
22. Tatlow, Ruth:   Bach's Numbers: Sources, Exegesis, Illustrations. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)

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