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1. Rifkin, Joshua:   Bach's violins. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
2. Hill, Robert:   Vors Clavicimbal mit 2 Manualen': J. S. Bach en vogue? [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
3. Leonard, Charlotte:   Bach's use of the trombone: paradigm lost. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
4. Huener, Thomas:   Tromba emblematica: the rhetorical role of the trumpet in the works of J. S. Bach. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
5. Rephann, Richard; Lieberman, Carole; Slowik, Kenneth:   Music on instruments of Bach's time. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
6. Silbiger, Alexander:   Bach and the chaconne. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
7. Kilström, Andreas:   The musical potential of Mietke harpsichords. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
8. Towe, Teri Noel:   A concert of recordings on organs associated with J.S.Bach. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
9. Tyler, James:   The mandora (alias the calichon): an important German continuo instrument of Bach's time. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
10. Wollny, Peter:   A newly-discovered Bach autograph from the Weimar period. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
11. Stradner, Gerhard:   Musical instruments for the early 19th-century Bach revival in Vienna. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
12. Koster, John:   The scaling and pitch of stringed-keyboard instruments in J.S. Bach's environs. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
13. Leisinger, Ulrich:   Idiomatic keyboard writing in J. S. Bach's concerto transcriptions. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
14. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Bach, Quantz and the Tranverse Flute: Interrelationships and Influences. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
15. Schulenberg, David:   The 'Sonata auf Concertenart': A Modern Invention? [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)

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