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1. Irwin, Joyce:   The Orthodox Lutheranism of Mattheson and Bach. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
2. Maul, Michael:   New Light on the Controversy between Bach and Scheibe. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
3. Wollny, Peter:   Bach's Cantata Performances in the 1730s--New Findings, New Perspectives. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
4. Paczkowski, Szymon:   'In the Most Honorable Minister's House:' The musical interests and patronage of Jakob Heinrich Flemming, and his possible contacts with J.S. Bach. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
5. Talle, Andrew:   A New Look at 'Sperontes Singende Muse an der Pleiße'. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
6. Hartinger, Anselm:   Johann Gottlieb Goldberg and the Composition of Trios within the Context of Bach's Later Works. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
7. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Bachs in Berlin: The Courts of Brandenburg-Prussia As Background to Instrumental Works of J.S., W.F., and C.P.E. Bach. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
8. Schulenberg, David:   An Uncertain Legacy: Two Instrumental Works Attributed to W.F. Bach (1710-1784). [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
9. Zohn, Steven:   Aesthetic and Stylistic Mediation in Telemann's VI Ouvertures à 4 ou 6. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
10. Reul, Barbara:   'Old Debts from Leipzig' - New Insights on Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758), Hofkapellmeister of Anhalt-Zerbst. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
11. Greer, Mary:   A Fresh Look at the Annotations in Bach's Calov Bible: Clues to the Identity of the Previous Owner and Implications for Bach Studies. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
12. Swack, Jeanne:   Formal Paradigms, Movement Types, and National Styles in Telemann's Frankfurt Cantata Cycles. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
13. Corneilson, Paul:   C.P.E. Bach's Evangelist, Johann Heinrich Michel. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)

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