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1. Wolff, Christoph:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and the History of Music. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
2. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   The Quartets of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
3. Enßlin, Wolfram:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
4. Melamed, Daniel R.:   Did Bach's Listeners Analyze? [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
5. Crist, Stephen:   What Did Johann Ludwig Krebs Learn about Arias from His Teacher, J. S. Bach? [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
6. Butler, Margaret:   From Guadagni's Suitcase: A Primo Uomo's Signature Aria in Settings of Artaserse. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
7. Corneilson, Paul:   J. C. Bach's Favorite Tenor, Anton Raaff. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
8. Greer, Mary:   The Secret Subscribers to C. P. E. Bach's Die Israeliten in der Wüste: A Masonic Connection?. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
9. Hill, Moira:   The Lied Aesthetic in Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Late Passions.. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
10. Blanken, Christine:   Recently rediscovered sources of music of the Bach family in the Breitkopf 'Firmenarchiv'. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
11. Maul, Michael:   Bach's or Ernesti's sons?--New sources on Bach's prefects. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
12. David Schulenberg:   Bach at Berlin: C. P. E. Bach's Revolutionary Keyboard Music of the 1740s. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
13. Taylor, Nik:   Members of the Bach Family and the Published Church Cantatas of Georg Philipp Telemann. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
14. Wollny, Peter:   Johann Sebastian Bach and His Sons. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
15. Bärwald, Manuel:   J. S. Bach and His Students in Leipzig Concert Life during 1740s. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)
16. Marshall, Robert:   Killing--and Burying--Sebastian. [p]ABS_Ohio (May 2014)

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