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1. Tatlow, Ruth:   Bach's parallel proportions and their implications, illustrated by the Six solos for violin, the Leipzig organ chorales and the Musical Offering. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
2. Schulenberg, David:   Modifying the Da Capo? Through-Composed Da Capo Arias in Cantatas and Oratorios of Bach and Handel. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
3. Peters, Mark A.:   Considerations of Genre in J. S. Bach's BWV 10, Meine Seel erhebt den Herren. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
4. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Echoes of J. S. Bach's Leipzig in Johann Adam Hiller's Wöchentliche Nachrichten und Anmerkungen die Musik betreffend. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
5. Wolff, Christoph:   Are Bach's Oratorios Sacred Operas? [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
6. Franklin, Don O.:   Bach and the Oratorio Tradition. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
7. Paczkowski, Szymon:   Sound-Encoded Politics: J. S. Bach's Cantata Tönet, ihr Pauken (BWV 214). [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
8. Melamed, Daniel R.:   Johann Sebastian Bach and Barthold Heinrich Brockes. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
9. Binder, Benjamin:   Jonathan Miller's Production of the St. Matthew Passion and the Limits of Representation. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
10. Fehleisen, Fred:   Thematic Transformation and the Design of Bach's D minor Ciaccona, BWV 1004/5. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
11. Rathey, Markus:   Chorale-Tropus and Dramatic Coherence in Bach's Oratorios. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
12. Crist, Stephen A.:   The Narrative Structure of J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
13. Snyder, Kerala J.:   Oratorio on Five Afternoons: From the Lübeck Abendmusiken to Bach's Christmas Oratorio. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
14. Sposato, Jeffrey S.:   Mendelssohn's Oratorios and the Bach Tradition. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)

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