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1. Marshall, Kimberly:   The development of the organ keyboard. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 1-21
2. Ortgies, Ibo:   A meeting of two temperaments: Arp Schnitger and Andreas Werckmeister. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 75-99
3. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   'Requisites for a perfect and durable organ:' Examinations of Silbermann organs using Werckmeister's Orgel-Probe. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 101-116
4. Yearsley, David:   Women at the organ: a fragment. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 119-141
5. Troeger, Richard:   Bach, Heinitz, Specken, and the early Bundfrei clavichord. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 143-166
6. Schulenberg, David:   Why we know so little about Bach's early works: a case study of two keyboard fugues. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 169-203
7. Ledbetter, David:   A question of genre: J.S. Bach and the 'mixed style'. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 205-224
8. Butler, Gregory G.:   The origins of J.S. Bach's 'Wie jammern mich doch die verkehrten Herzen,' BWV 170/3. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 227-236
9. Monelle, Raymond:   Life and death in a fugue of Bach. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 239-250
10. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Like father, like son? Emanuel Bach and the writing of biography. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 253-279
11. Palmer, Larry:   John Challis and Bach's Chaconne in D minor. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 299-316
12. Donahue, Thomas:   A method of designing a harpsichord string plan. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 319-368
13. Williams, Peter F.:   The music of J.S. Bach: excerpts from the writings of Peter Williams. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 371-381
14. Donahue, Thomas (ed.):   Music and its Questions: Essays in Honor of Peter Williams. [fs]Williams70 (2007), xxii, 407p

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