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1. Baron, Samuel:   Bach's Text Settings: Schweitzer and Pirro Revisited. [fs]Scheide (1993), 17-26
2. Brainard, Paul:   The 'Non-Quoting' Ritornello in Bach's Arias. [fs]Scheide (1993), 27-44
3. Breig, Werner:   Form Problems in Bach's Early Organ Fugues. [fs]Scheide (1993), 45-56
4. Butler, Gregory G.:   The Engravers of Bach's Clavier-Übung II. [fs]Scheide (1993), 57-69
5. Chafe, Eric T.:   Bach's First Two Leipzig Cantatas: A Message for the Community. [fs]Scheide (1993), 71-86
6. Cox, Howard H.:   Bach's Knowledge of the Bible. [fs]Scheide (1993), 87-99
7. Dreyfus, Laurence:   Matters of Kind: Genre and Subgenre in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I. [fs]Scheide (1993), 101-119
8. Dürr, Alfred:   On the Earliest Manuscripts and Prints of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier I in England. [fs]Scheide (1993), 121-134
9. Herz, Gerhard:   Thoughts on The New Grove Bach Family. [fs]Scheide (1993), 135-141
10. Hofmann, Klaus:   On the Instrumentation of the E-major Suite BWV 1006a by Johann Sebastian Bach. [fs]Scheide (1993), 143-154
11. Knapp, J. Merrill:   The Luke 2 Portions of Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Handel's Messiah. [fs]Scheide (1993), 155-161
12. Leaver, Robin A.:   Bach and the German Agnus Dei. [fs]Scheide (1993), 163-171
13. Mann, Alfred:   Missa and Messiah: Culmination of the Sacred Drama. [fs]Scheide (1993), 173-178
14. Marshall, Robert L.:   Truth and Beauty: J. S. Bach at the Crossroads of Cultural History. [fs]Scheide (1993), 179-188
15. Robinson, Ray:   Bach Influences in the Penderecki St. Luke Passion. [fs]Scheide (1993), 189-203
16. Rosenthal, Albi:   Facsimiles as Sources of Error. [fs]Scheide (1993), 205-207
17. Schulze, Hans-Joachim:   'O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht': On the Transmission of a Bach Source and the Riddle of its Origin. [fs]Scheide (1993), 209-220
18. Towe, Teri Noel:   Present-day Misconceptions about Bach Performance Practice in the Nineteenth Century: The Evidence of the Recordings. [fs]Scheide (1993), 221-231
19. Wolff, Christoph:   The 'Agnus Dei' of Bach's B-minor Mass: Parody and New Composition Reconciled. [fs]Scheide (1993), 233-240
20. Brainard, Paul; Robinson, Ray (eds.):   A Bach Tribute: Essays in Honor of William H. Scheide. [fs]Scheide (1993), 243p

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