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1. Blankenburg, Walter:   Die Bedeutung der solistischen Alt-Partien im Weihnachts-Oratorium, BWV 248. [fs]Mendel (1974), 139-148
2. Cone, Edward T.:   Bach's Unfinished Fugue in C minor. [fs]Mendel (1974), 149-155
3. Emery, Walter:   Cadence and Chronology. [fs]Mendel (1974), 156-164
4. Marshall, Robert L.:   The Genesis of an Aria Ritornello: Observations on the Autograph Score of 'Wie zittern und wanken' BWV 105/3. [fs]Mendel (1974), 165-182
5. Neumann, Frederick:   The Question of Rhythm in the Two Versions of Bach's French Ouverture, BWV 831. [fs]Mendel (1974), 183-194
6. Rubin, Norman:   'Fugue' as a Delimiting Concept in Bach's Choruses: A Gloss on Werner Neumann's 'J. S. Bachs Chorfuge'. [fs]Mendel (1974), 195-208
7. Scheide, William H.:   Some Miscellaneous Chorale Forms in J. S. Bach's Vocal Works. [fs]Mendel (1974), 209-227
8. Brainard, Paul:   Cantata 21 Revisited. [fs]Mendel (1974), 231-242
9. Dürr, Alfred:   De vita cum imperfectis. [fs]Mendel (1974), 243-253
10. Herz, Gerhard:   J S Bach 1733: A 'new' Bach Signature. [fs]Mendel (1974), 254-263
11. May, Ernest:   J. G. Walther and the Lost Weimar Autographs of Bach's Organ Works. [fs]Mendel (1974), 264-282
12. Wolff, Christoph:   Johann Sebastian Bachs 'Sterbechoral': Kritische Fragen zu einem Mythos. [fs]Mendel (1974), 283-297
13. Marshall, Robert L. (ed.):   Studies in Renaissance and Baroque music in Honor of Arthur Mendel. [fs]Mendel (1974), 392p

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