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1. Botstein, Leon:   The Aesthetics of Assimilation and Affirmation: Reconstructing the Career of Felix Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 5-42.
2. Brodbeck, David:   Some Notes on an Anthem by Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 43-64.
3. Little, William A.:   Mendelssohn and the Berlin Singakademie: The composer at the crossroads. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 65-85.
4. Reich, Nancy B.:   The Power of Class: Fanny Hensel. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 86-99.
5. Spies, Claudio:   Samplings. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 100-120. In memory of Professor Felix Gilbert.
6. Staehelin, Martin:   Elijah, Johann Sebastian Bach, and the New Covenant: On the Aria 'Es ist genug' in Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's Oratorio Elijah. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 121-136. Trans. by Susan Gillespie.
7. Steinberg, Michael P.:   The Incidental Politics to Mendelssohn's Antigone. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 137-157.
8. Todd, R. Larry:   The Unfinished Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 158-184.
9. Lobe, Johann Christian:   Conversations with Felix Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 187-205. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Fliegende Blätter für die Musik 1, no.5 (1855), 280-296.
10. [Marx, Adolf Bernhard]:   From the Memoirs of Adolf Bernhard Marx. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 206-220. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Adolf Bernhard Marx, Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben (Berlin, 1865), vol.1, pp.110-117, 131-144; vol.2, pp.229-238.
11. Schubring, Julius:   Reminiscences of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 221-236. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Julius Schubring, 'Reminiscences of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. On his 57th Birthday, February 3rd, 1866', in: [New York?] Musical World 31 (12 and 19 May 1866). Translated anonymously from the original German edition in Daheim 2 (1866): 373ff.
12. Horsley, Charles Edward:   Reminiscences of Mendelssohn by His English Pupil. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 237-251. Source: Dwight's Journal of Music 32 (1872), 345ff., 353ff., 361ff.
13. [Müller, F. Max]:   From the Memoirs of F. Max Müller. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 252-258. F. Max Müller, Auld Lang Syne (New York, 1898), pp.1-33.
14. [Rudorff, Ernst]:   From the Memoirs of Ernst Rudorff. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 259-271. Translated and annotated by Nancy B. Reich. - Source: Ernst Rudorff, Aus den Tagen der Romantik: Ein Bildnis einer deutschen Familie (typescript; Rudorff-Archiv, Lauenstein).
15. Hanslick, Eduard:   Letters from Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy to Aloys Fuchs. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 275-309. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Eduard Hanslick, 'Briefe von Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy an Aloys Fuchs, mit Einleitung von Eduard Hanslick,' in Deutsche Rundschau 57 (1888), 65-85.
16. Hake, Bruno:   Mendelssohn as Teacher, with Previously Unpublished Letters from Mendelssohn to Wilhelm v. Boguslawski. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 310-337. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Bruno Hake, 'Mendelssohn als Lehrer, mit bisher ungedruckten Briefen Mendelssohns an Wilhelm v. Boguslawski,' in Deutsche Rundschau 140 (1909), 453-470.
17. Brendel, Franz:   Robert Schumann with Reference to Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and the Development of Modern Music in General. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 341-351. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Franz Brendel, 'Robert Schumann mit Rücksicht auf Mendelssohn-Bartholdy und die Entwicklung der modernen Tonkunst überhaupt,' in NZfM 22 (1845); 113-115, 146-147, 149-150.
18. [Heine, Heinrich]:   Heinrich Heine on Mendelssohn. - Selected and introduced by Leon Botstein. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 352-363. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Heinrich Heine, Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen, vol.4, pp.613-616; idem., Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, in Briefe, ed. Friedrich Hirth (Mainz, 1950), vol.3, pp.50-51; idem., Lutetia. Reports on Politics, Art, and Popular Life, in Sämtliche Schriften (Munich, 1984), vol.5, pp.396-400, 528-530.
19. Jahn, Otto:   On F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's Oratorio Elijah. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 364-381. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Otto Jahn, 'Über F. Mendelssohn's Bartholdy's Oratorium Elias,' in Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung 50 (1848); col. 113-122, 137-143.
20. Niecks, Frederick:   On Mendelssohn and Some of His Contemporary Critics. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 382-389. Source: Frederick Niecks, 'On Mendelssohn and Some of His Contemporary Critics,' in Monthly Musical Record 5 (1875): 162-164.
21. Bülow, Hans von:   Felix Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 390-394. Trans. by Susan Gillespie. - Source: Hans von Bülow, Briefe und Schriften (Leipzig, 1896), vol.5, pp.206-209.
22. Todd, R. Larry (ed.):   Mendelssohn and His World. Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 1991. xiii, 401p. ISBN: 0-691-09143-9; 0-691-02715-3. - Part 1: Essays (p.5ff), Part 2: Memoirs (p.187ff), Part 3: Letters (p.275ff), Part 4: Criticism and Reception (p.341ff). [contents]

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