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Year : 2015
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1. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Like father, like son? Emanuel Bach and the writing of biography. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 23-50
2. Spányi, Miklós:   Appreciating the music of C.P.E. Bach today. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 3-4
3. Schering, Arnold:   C.Ph.E. Bach und das redende Prinzip in der Musik. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 5-22
4. Wollny, Peter:   C.P.E. Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann und die Osterkantate 'Gott hat den Herrn auferwecket' Wq 244. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 51-68
5. Clark, Stephen L. :   C.P.E. Bach as a publisher of his own works. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 69-82
6. Berg, Darrell M.:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs Umarbeitungen seiner Claviersonaten. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 83-122
7. Wade, Rachel:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the restless composer. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 123-138
8. Parkinson, John A.; Baldwyn, Rodney:   Two notes on C.P.E. Bach. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 139-140
9. Helm, Eugene:   The 'Hamlet' fantasy and the literary element in C.P.E. Bach's music. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 141-160
10. Fox, Pamela:   Toward a comprehensive C.P.E. Bach chronology: Schrift-Chronologie and the issue of Bach's 'late hand' / [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 161-178
11. Stevens, Jane:   Untitled introductions to two audio CDs containing recordings of Bach's keyboard concertos and ensemble sonatinas. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 179-184
12. Richards, Annette:   Picturing the moment in sound: C.P.E. Bach and the musical portrait. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 185-218
13. Wollenberg, Susan:   A new look at C.P.E. Bach's musical jokes. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 219-238
14. Corneilson, Paul:   C.P.E. Bach's evangelist, Johann Heinrich Michel. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 239-262
15. Wolff, Christoph:   C.P.E. Bach's unknown late collections of songs. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 263-276 Latin 2
16. Will, Richard:   Reason and revelation in C.P.E. Bach's resurrection oratorio. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 277-310
17. Christensen, Thomas:   C.P.E. Bach's Versuch and its context in 18th-century thorough-bass pedagogy / [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 311-336
18. Mitchell, William J.:   Modulation in C.P.E. Bach's Versuch. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 337-346
19. Kramer, Richard:   The new modulation of the 1770s : C.P.E. Bach in theory, criticism, and practice. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 347-388
20. Schenker, Heinrich:   Die Kunst der Improvisation. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 389-412
21. Christensen, Thomas:   Nichelmann contra C.Ph.E. Bach: harmonic theory and musical politics at the court of Frederick the Great. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 413-446
22. Hogwood, Christopher:   "Our old great favourite" : Burney, Bach, and the Bachists / [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 447-476
23. Schulenberg, David:   When did the clavichord become C.P.E. Bach's favourite instrument? An inquiry into expression, style, and medium in 18th-century keyboard music. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 477-492
24. Spányi, Miklós:   Performers remarks for four audio CDs containing recordings of Bach's keyboard concertos and ensemble sonatinas. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 493-498
25. Schulenberg, David (ed.):   C. P. E. Bach. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), xxv, 505p

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