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Year : 2003
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1. Moroney, Davitt:   Couperin, Marpurg and Roeser: a Germanic 'Art de Toucher le Clavecin', or a French 'Wahre Art'? [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 111-130.
2. Wolff, Christoph:   Invention, composition and the improvement of nature: apropos Bach the teacher and practical philosopher. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 133-139.
3. Williams, Peter F.:   Is there an anxiety of influence discernible in J. S. Bach's 'Clavierübung I'? [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 140-156.
4. Schulenberg, David:   'Towards the most elegant taste': developments in keyboard accompaniment from J. S. to C. P. E. Bach. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 157-168.
5. Wollny, Peter:   '... welche dem größten Concerte gleichen': the polonaises of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 169-183.
6. Delft, Menno van:   'Schnellen': a quintessential articulation technique in eighteenth-century keyboard playing. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 187-197.
7. Levin, Robert D.:   Mozart's non-metrical keyboard preludes. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 198-216.
8. Mortensen, Lars Ulrik:   J. S. Bach: Keyboard Partita in A minor after BWV 1004. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 218-236.
9. Butt, John:   Towards a genealogy of the keyboard concerto. [ce]KeyboardInBaroqueEurope (2003), 93-110.
10. Hogwood, Christopher (ed.):   The Keyboard in Baroque Europe. [Festschrift for Gustav Leonhardt on his 75th birthday 30 May 2003] - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. xviii, 245p. ISBN: 0-521-81055-8. (= Musical Performance and Reception) [contents]

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