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1. Kramer, Richard A.:   Diderot's Paradoxe and C. P. E. Bach's Empfindungen. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 6-24
2. Plebuch, Tobias:   Dark fantasies and the dawn of the self: Gerstenberg's monologues for C. P. E. Bach's C minor Fantasia. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 25-66
3. Berg, Darrell M.:   Sources of C. P. E. Bach's solo keyboard works in the Sing-Akademie archives. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 67-83
4. Will, Richard:   Reason and revelation in C. P. E. Bach's resurrection oratorio. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 84-115
5. Leisinger, Ulrich:   C. P. E. Bach and C. C. Sturm: sacred song, public church service, and private devotion. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 116-148
6. Richards, Annette:   An enduring monument: C. P. E. Bach and the musical sublime. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 149-172
7. Yearsley, David:   C. P. E. Bach and the living traditions of learned counterpoint. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 173-201
8. Ferris, David:   Plates for sale: C. P. E. Bach and the story of Die Kunst der Fuge. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 202-220
9. Hogwood, Christopher:   'Our old great favourite': Burney, Bach and the Bachists. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), 221-264
10. Richards, Annette (ed.):   C. P. E. Bach Studies. [ce]CPEBachStud (2006), xii, 268p

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