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1. Winzenburger, Walter P.:   The Music of Franz Tunder. diss. (1965) University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, 1965.
2. Winzenburger, Walter (trans):   Translation from Gerber's Historischbiographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler (1790). [Part I]. Bach 1/2 (Apr 1970), 26-30.
3. Winzenburger, Walter (trans):   Translation from Gerber's Neues Historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler (1812). [Part II]. Bach 1/3 (Jul 1970), 30-40.
4. Winzenburger, Walter (trans.):   Translation from Die wahren Grundsätze zum Gebrauch der Harmonie Johann Philipp Kirnberger, 1773 [excerpts]. Bach 1/4 (Oct 1970), 41-46. With introduction by Walter Winzenburger.
5. Winzenburger, Walter:   Translation from Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik (Johann Philip Kirnberger, 1779) [excerpts]. Bach 2/1 (Jan 1971), 42-46. Introduction; Translation: Kirnberger, Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik; Simple, even meters with two beats; Simple, even meters with four beats; Simple, odd meters with three beats; Observations on the simple, even meters with two beats; Observations on the simple, even meters with four beats
6. Winzenburger, Walter:   Translation from 'Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik': Part II (Johann Philip Kirnberger, 1779) [excerpts]. Bach 2/2 (Apr 1971), 31-34. Observations on the uneven meters with three beats
7. Winzenburger, Walter:   Translation from 'Der vollkommene Capellmeister'. Johann Mattheson, 1739. Bach 2/3 (Jul 1971), 33-36.
8. Winzenburger, Walter:   Translation from 'Der vollkommene Capellmeister' by Johann Mattheson (1763 [sic]). Chapter 13: Categories and Characteristics of Melodies. Bach 2/4 (Oct 1971), 38-41.
9. Winzenburger, Walter P.:   Meter and Tempo Indications in Music of the Early Baroque. Bach 3/1 (Jan 1972), 13-21.

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