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1. Unger, Melvin P.:   The German choral church compositions of Johann David Heinichen, 1683-1729. New York: Lang, 1990. 241p. ISBN: 0-8204-1236-8. (= American university studies. XX: Fine arts, 14)
2. Unger, Melvin P.:   Handbook to Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts: An Interlinear Translation with Reference Guide to Biblical Quotations and Allusions. Lanham, Md. and London: Scarecrow Press, 1996. xvi, 777p. ISBN: 0-8108-2979-7.
3. Unger, Melvin P.:   Bach's First Two Leipzig Cantatas: The Question of Meaning Revisited. Bach 28/1-2 (1997), 87-125.
4. Unger, Melvin P.:   Uncovering Text-Music Connections with a Relational Database: Towards an Objective Measurement of Melodic Pitch Diversity in Relation to Literary Themes in Bach's Church Cantata Recitatives. ComputersHumanities 38/3 (2004), 271-297.
5. Unger, Melvin P.:   J.S. Bach's Major Works for Voices and Instruments: A Listener's Guide. Lenham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2005. x, 141p. ISBN: 0-8108-5298-5; 978-0-8108-5298-3.
6. Unger, Melvin P.:   'Ich elender Mensch': Bach on the Soul's Torment. WolfenbüttelArbBarockF 43 (2005), ii: 543-558.
7. Unger, Melvin P.:   Alfred Mann. Bach 37/2 (2006), 119.
8. Unger, Melvin P.:   Chiastic Reflection in the B-minor Mass: Lament's Paradoxical Mirror. [cr]Belfast2007 1 (2007), 93-115.
9. Unger, Melvin P.:   Historical dictionary of choral music. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2010. xxvii, 555p. ISBN: 0-8108-5751-0; 978-0-8108-5751-3. (= Historical dictionaries of literature and the arts, No. 40)
10. Unger, Melvin P.:   Chiastic reflection in the B-minor Mass: lament's paradoxical mirror [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 125-141. Part II: structure and proportion.

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