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1. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Organs Played by Bach: An Update. AmerOrganist(2) 19/12 (Dec 1985), 50-58.
2. Towe, Teri Noel (u.a.):   Deutsche Grammophon's New Bach Edition. AmerRecGuide 48/6 (1985), 3-16.
3. Towe, Teri Noel:   Choral conductors forum: Performing Bach's choral works. AmerChoralReview 28/1 (Jan 1986), 17-25.
4. Towe, Teri Noel:   Die Wiederherstellung der Dimensionen. Ein Gespräch mit Joshua Rifkin über Bachs Chor. NZsfM(2) 147/ 5 (May 1986), 15-19.
5. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Curious History of an Exile from the Thomasschule: Some Observations on the Provenance of the Original Figured Organ Player's Part to Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam, BWV 7. [dated 1989, 1997, 2001]
6. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: St John Passion. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 10-23. [also found on the web at]
7. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: St Matthew Passion. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 24-45. [also found on the web at]
8. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 46-60. [also found on the web at]
9. Towe, Teri Noel:   Present-day Misconceptions about Bach Performance Practice in the Nineteenth Century: The Evidence of the Recordings. [fs]Scheide (1993), 221-231.
10. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Portraits of Sebastian Bach.
11. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Handwriting of Sebastian Bach.
12. Towe, Teri Noel:   Giacomo Meyerbeer's Letter to Adolphe Sax about the 2nd 'Brandenburg' Concerto.
13. Towe, Teri Noel:   Some Early Printed Editions of the Music of Sebastian Bach.
14. Towe, Teri Noel:   A concert of recordings on organs associated with J.S.Bach. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998) A paper read at American Bach Society conference (Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 25 April 1998)
15. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Search for the Portrait that Belonged to Kittel. The Queens College Lecture of March 21, 2001.
16. Towe, Teri Noel:   Present Day Misconceptions about Bach Performance Practice in the Nineteenth Century: The Evidence of the Recordings. [dated June 24, 2001]
17. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Face Of Bach. [dated April 26, 2002]
18. Towe, Teri Noel:   All is NOT Right with the Reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden!!!!!!!! [previously entitled: Rebuilding the Frauenkirche in Dresden] [dated March 27, 2002]
19. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Portrait of Bach that Belonged to Kittel. Tracker 46/4 (Oct 2002), 14-18.
20. Towe, Teri Noel:   The group portrait that does not depict Johann Sebastian Bach and three of his sons. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004) A paper read at Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society, April 16-18, 2004 at Rutgers University, NJ 'Images of Bach'. Abstract in BachNotesABS 1 (2004), p. 7-8.
21. Towe, Teri Noel:   'Music is Something People Do': Arthur Mendel, Music 303, and the Indispensability of Recordings. [p]Mendel60BR (Nov 2005) Lecture given at 'Bach and Mendel': A Special Symposium in Celebration of the Centenary of Professor Arthur Mendel and the Sixtieth Anniversary of The Bach Reader, Saturday, November 19, 2005 at the Princeton University.
22. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Coates Continuo Conundrum Clarified. [cr]Belfast2007 2 (2007), 474-491. A new article accompanying his poster at Exhibition Room.
23. Towe, Teri Noel:   William H. Scheide, Scholar, Musician, Philanthropist - A Tribute from the American Bach Society. BachNotesABS 11 (Spring 2009), 1-3.

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