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1. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Organs Played by Bach: An Update. AmerOrganist(2) 19/12 (Dec 1985), 50-58
2. Towe, Teri Noel (u.a.):   Deutsche Grammophon's New Bach Edition. AmerRecGuide 48/6 (1985), 3-16
3. Towe, Teri Noel:   Choral conductors forum: Performing Bach's choral works. AmerChoralReview 28/1 (Jan 1986), 17-25
4. Towe, Teri Noel:   Die Wiederherstellung der Dimensionen. Ein Gespräch mit Joshua Rifkin über Bachs Chor. NZsfM(2) 147/ 5 (May 1986), 15-19
5. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Curious History of an Exile from the Thomasschule: Some Observations on the Provenance of the Original Figured Organ Player's Part to Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam, BWV 7. (1989)
6. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: St John Passion. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 10-23
7. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: St Matthew Passion. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 24-45
8. Towe, Teri Noel:   J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor. [ce]ChoralMusicOnRecord (1991), 46-60
9. Towe, Teri Noel:   Present-day Misconceptions about Bach Performance Practice in the Nineteenth Century: The Evidence of the Recordings. [fs]Scheide (1993), 221-231
10. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Portraits of Sebastian Bach. (1997)
11. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Handwriting of Sebastian Bach. (1997)
12. Towe, Teri Noel:   Giacomo Meyerbeer's Letter to Adolphe Sax about the 2nd 'Brandenburg' Concerto. (1997)
13. Towe, Teri Noel:   Some Early Printed Editions of the Music of Sebastian Bach. (1997)
14. Towe, Teri Noel:   A concert of recordings on organs associated with J.S.Bach. [p]ABS_Yale (Apr 1998)
15. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Search for the Portrait that Belonged to Kittel. (2001)
16. Towe, Teri Noel:   Present Day Misconceptions about Bach Performance Practice in the Nineteenth Century: The Evidence of the Recordings. (2001)
17. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Face Of Bach. (2002)
18. Towe, Teri Noel:   All is NOT Right with the Reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden!!!!!!!! (2002)
19. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Portrait of Bach that Belonged to Kittel. Tracker 46/4 (Oct 2002), 14-18
20. Towe, Teri Noel:   The group portrait that does not depict Johann Sebastian Bach and three of his sons. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
21. Towe, Teri Noel:   'Music is Something People Do': Arthur Mendel, Music 303, and the Indispensability of Recordings. [p]Mendel60BR (Nov 2005)
22. Towe, Teri Noel:   The Coates Continuo Conundrum Clarified. [cr]Belfast2007 2 (2007), 474-491
23. Towe, Teri Noel:   William H. Scheide, Scholar, Musician, Philanthropist - A Tribute from the American Bach Society. BachNotesABS 11 (Spring 2009), 1-3

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