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1. Todd, R. Larry:   Of Sea Gulls and Counterpoint: The Early Versions of Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture. 19cM 2/3 (Mar 1979), 197-213
2. Todd, R. Larry:   Mendelssohn's Musical Education. A Study and Edition of His Exercises in Composition. Oxford, Bodleian Ms Margaret Deneke Mendelssohn C. 43. (1983), 260p
3. Todd, R. Larry:   A Passion Cantata by Mendelssohn. AmerChoralReview 25/1 (Jan 1983), 3-17
4. Finson, Jon W.; Todd, R. Larry (eds.):   Mendelssohn and Schumann: essays on their music and its context. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 189p
5. Todd, R. Larry:   The Unfinished Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 158-184
6. Todd, R. Larry (ed.):   Mendelssohn and His World. [ce]MendelssohnHisWorld (1991), 401p
7. Todd, R. Larry:   Me voilà perruqué: Mendelssohn's Six Preludes and Fugues op. 35 reconsidered. [ce]MendelssohnStudies (1992), 162-199
8. Todd, R. Larry (ed.):   Mendelssohn studies. [ce]MendelssohnStudies (1992), xiii, 261p
9. Todd, R. Larry (ed.):   Schumann and his world. (1994), xi, 396p
10. Todd, R. Larry:   Mendelssohn: a life in music. (2003), xxix, 683p
11. Todd, R. Larry:   On Mendelssohn's sacred music, real and imaginary. [ce]CambridgeCompanion_Mendelssohn (2004), 167-188
12. Todd, R. Larry:   Echoes of the St. Matthew Passion in Mendelssohn's music. [p]IK_Leipzig (Nov 2005)
13. Todd, R. Larry:   Die Matthäus-Passion -- Widerhall und Wirkung in Mendelssohns Musik. BeitrGesBachRezeption 1 (2007), 79-97
14. Todd, R. Larry:   Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Sein Leben - seine Musik. (2008), 800p
15. Todd, R. Larry:   Echoes of the St. Matthew Passion in the music of Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnEssays (2008), 117-133
16. Todd, R. Larry:   Issues of stylistic identity in Fanny Hensel's Das Jahr (1841). [ce]MendelssohnEssays (2008), 249-260
17. Todd, R. Larry:   Mendelssohn essays. [ce]MendelssohnEssays (2008), xviii, 340p
18. Todd, R. Larry:   Mendelssohn Reception and Us: Reflections on the Bicentenary. AdParnassum 7/14 (Oct 2009), 7-36
19. Todd, R. Larry:   Fanny Hensel: The other Mendelssohn. (2010), xxviii, 426p
20. Cooper, John Michael; Todd, R. Larry:   'With True Esteem and Friendship': The Correspondence of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Louis Spohr. JMcolResearch 29/2-3 (Apr 2010), 171-259
21. Todd, R. Larry:   Fanny Hensel. [ce]19cChoralM (2012), 135-140
22. Todd, R. Larry:   Mendelssohn and the contrapuntal tradition. EastmanStudM 118 (2014), 15-39

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