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1. Talbot, Michael:   The Concerto Allegro in the Early Eighteenth Century. MLetters 52/1, 2 (Jan; Apr 1971), 8-18; 159-172.
2. Talbot, Michael:   A Vivaldi Sonata with obbligato Organ in Dresden. OrganYb 12 (1981), 81-103.
3. Fanna, Antonio; Talbot, Michael (eds.):   Vivaldi vero e falso: Problemi di attribuzione. [Vivaldi true and false: Problems of attribution] Congres Vivaldi: Falsifications et mystifications, Poitiers, 1991. Firenze: Olschki, 1992. 192p. ISBN: 88-222-3987-3. (= Studi di musica veneta: Quaderni vivaldiani, 7) [contents]
4. Talbot, Michael:   A Further Borrowing from Albinoni: The C Major Fugue BWV 946. [cr]Rostock1990 (1995), 142-161.
5. Talbot, Michael:   Die italienische weltliche Kantate. [ce]WeltBachKantaten 2 (1997), 33-48.
6. Talbot, Michael:   De Italiaanse wereldlijke cantate. [ce]WereldBachCantates 2 (1997), 32-47. [The Italian secular cantata]
7. Talbot, Michael:   Purpose and peculiarities of the Brandenburg Concertos. [p]BCB_Exeter (Jul 1998) A Paper read at Eighth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Univ. of Exeter, 9-12 July 1998.
8. Talbot, Michael:   Purpose and Peculiarities of the Brandenburg Concertos [p]BS_Dortmund (Jan 1998) Paper read at the 2nd Dortmunder Bach-Symposions, 21-24 January 1998.
9. Talbot, Michael:   Purpose and Peculiarities of the Brandenburg Concertos. DortmundBachF 2 (1999), 255-289.
10. Talbot, Michael:   Itariago no Sezoku Kantata. [ce]BachKantataNoSekai 2 (2002), 53-78. [Die italienische weltliche Kantate] Trans. by Tadashi Isoyama and Hiroshi Nonaka.
11. Talbot, Michael:   Wenzel von Morzin as a Patron of Antonio Vivaldi. FaschSt 9 (2003), 67-76.
12. Talbot, Michael:   Die italienische weltliche Kantate. HandbMlGattungen 17/2 (2010), 25-32.
13. Talbot, Michael:   Die Violine als Imitator anderer Instrumente in der Musik von Antonio Vivaldi und Tomaso Albinoni. TelemannKonfBer 15 (2010), 56-69. Telemann, der musikalische Maler.

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