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1. Swack, Jeanne:   The Solo Sonatas of Georg Philipp Telemann: A Study of the Sources and Musical Style. diss. (1988)
2. Swack, Jeanne:   Quantz and the Sonata in E-Flat Major for Flute and Cembalo, BWV 1031. [p]AMS_Chicago (Nov 1991)
3. Swack, Jeanne R.:   On the Origins of the Sonate auf Concertenart. JAMSoc 46/3 (Autumn 1993), 369-414
4. Swack, Jeanne:   J. S. Bach's A major flute sonata BWV 1032 revisited. BachStud 2 (1995), 154-174
5. Swack, Jeanne:   Quantz and the Sonata in E flat major for flute and cembalo, BWV 1031. EarlyM 23/1 (Feb 1995), 31-53
6. Swack, Jeanne:   Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar als Auftraggeber: Bemerkungen zum Stil der Six Sonates a Violon seul (1715) von Georg Philipp Telemann. TelemannKonfBer 10 (1997), 53-70
7. Swack, Jeanne:   Modular Structure and the Recognition of Ritornello in Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. BachPerspectives 4 (1999), 33-53
8. Swack, Jeanne:   'Telemann's Chorus': Vocal Forces in Telemann's Frankfurt Cantatas and the Implications for the 'One on a Part' Controversy. [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)
9. Swack, Jeanne:   The French ouverture as theological signifier in Telemann's 'Jesus sei mein erstes Wort' and 'Christ ist erstanden von der Marter alle'. [p]ABS_Houston (Apr 2002)
10. Swack, Jeanne:   Anti-Judaism and the Lutheran Cantata: the Cantatas for Judica Sunday of Georg Philipp Telemann. [p]BICB_Warsaw (Jul 2006)
11. Swack, Jeanne:   Die Sonatensammlung als Katalog: Nationalstile und Satztypen in den 'XII Solos, à Violon où Traversiere, avec la Basse chiffrée' (1734) von Georg Philipp Telemann TelemannKonfBer 11 (2006), 77-98
12. Swack, Jeanne:   A Comparison of Bach's and Telemann's Use of the Ouverture as Theological Signifier. BachPerspectives 6 (2007), 99-135
13. Swack, Jeanne:   Anti-Judaism and The Lutheran Cantata: The Cantatas for Judica Sunday of Georg Philipp Telemann. [p]AMS_Quebec (Nov 2007)
14. Swack, Jeanne:   'Telemanns Chor': Aufführungspraxis und Stimmensätze in Telemanns Frankfurter Kantaten TelemannKonfBer 13 (2007), 295-314
15. Swack, Jeanne:   Text and genre in selected cantatas of Georg Philipp Telemann. StMaterMw 49 (2008), 159-197
16. Butler, Lynn Edwards; Swack, Jeanne:   Madison in May: The American Bach Society Holds its Biennial Meeting May 7-9, 2010. BachNotesABS 12 (Winter 2010), 3-9
17. Swack, Jeanne:   Formal Paradigms, Movement Types, and National Styles in Telemann's Frankfurt Cantata Cycles. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010)
18. Swack, Jeanne:   Antijudaismus in Telemanns Kantate zum Sonntag Judica 'Der Kern verdammter Sünder' TVWV 1:303. TelemannKonfBer 16 (2011), 256-278

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