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1. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Die 'Annuae Literae' der Leipziger Jesuiten 1719-1740: Ein Bach-Dokument? BachJb 78 (1992), 77-80
2. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Two Zelenka masses in J. S. Bach's Nachla▀. [p]BCB_Exeter (Jul 1998)
3. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Performance Practice of the Electoral Saxon and Royal Polish Hofkapelle: Evidence from the Performance Materials of Ges¨ al Calvario, Jan Dismas Zelenka, 1735. [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)
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6. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Fasch Visits Dresden: c.1726-1728. FaschSt 8 (2001), 29-56
7. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Italian Influences Observed in the Vespers Psalm Settings of Johann Friedrich Fasch. FaschSt 9 (2003), 175-202
8. Stockigt, Janice B.:   The royal Polish and electoral Saxon court and state calendars, 1728-50. IrishMStud 8 (2004), 49-64
9. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Consideration of Bach's Kyrie e Gloria BWV 232I within the Context of Dresden Catholic Mass Settings, 1729-1733 [cr]Belfast2007 1 (2007), 52-92
10. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Pisendel's Contributions to the Performance of Liturgical Music in the Dresden Catholic Court Church. DresdnBeitrMf 3 (2010), 551-560
11. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Methodische Fragen zur Identifikation von Incerta aus dem Dresdner Instrumentalrepertoire. [p]Dresden (Jun 2010)
12. Stockigt, Janice B.:   The Court of Saxony-Dresden. [ce]MusicGermanCourts (2011), 17-49
13. Owens, Samantha; Reul, Barbara M.; Stockigt, Janice B. (eds.):   Music at German courts, 1715-1760: Changing artistic priorities. [ce]MusicGermanCourts (2011), xx, 484p
14. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Bach's Missa BWV 232I in the context of Catholic Mass settings in Dresden, 1729-1733. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 39-53
15. Stockigt, Janice B.:   A Te Deum performance in Bautzen by members of Dresden's Hofkapelle: 19 May 1733. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
16. Stockigt, Janice B.; Owens, Samantha; Szuster, Jula; Maddox, Alan:   'Bach the Sublime': Australasian Reception of the St. Matthew Passion, 1875-1950. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
17. Stockigt, Janice B.:   The Visit of Members of the Dresden Hofkapelle to Bautzen: May 1733. UnderstandingBach 9 (2014), 89-92
18. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Organists of Leipzig's royal Catholic chapel 1719-1740 (and beyond). [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
19. Stockigt, Janice B.:   The Music of Leipzig's Royal Catholic Chapel during the Reign of August II. UnderstandingBach 11 (2016), 57-66
20. Stockigt, Janice B. :   'Nobody rose or joined in these hymns': Premiere Australian performances of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion (1875-76). AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 11-28
21. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Liturgical Music for a New Elector: Origins of Bach's 1733 Missa Revisited. BachPerspectives 12 (2018), 63-83

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