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1. Rose, Stephen:   Bach cantatas in abundance. EarlyM 28/4 (Nov 2000), 671-676
2. Rose, Stephen:   Bach and solo singers. EarlyM 31/4 (Nov 2003), 628-629
3. Rose, Stephen:   Daniel Vetter and the domestic keyboard chorale in Bach's Leipzig. EarlyM 33/1 (Feb 2005), 39-53
4. Rose, Stephen:   The Altbachisches Archiv. EarlyM 33/1 (Feb 2005), 141-144
5. Rose, Stephen:   The musician-novels of the German Baroque: new perspectives on Bach's world. [p]BNUK_Oxford (Dec 2006)
6. Rose, Stephen:   A Lübeck music auction, 1695. SchützJb 30 (2008), 171-190
7. Rose, Stephen:   The Musician-Novels of the German Baroque: New Light on Bach's World. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 55-66
8. Rose, Stephen:   Musician-Novels of the German Baroque. [ce]AstonMagnaAcademy (2009), 175-190
9. Rose, Stephen:   Virtuosos or charlatans? Musical talent and social mobility in the German Baroque. [p]BICB_Belfast (Jul 2010)
10. Rose, Stephen:   The Musician in Literature in the Age of Bach. (2011), ix, 237p
11. Rose, Stephen:   The Latin Magnificat in Leipzig before Bach. [p]BICB_Southampton (Jul 2012)

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