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1. Mintz, Donald:   Aspects of the Revival of Bach. JAMSoc 6/2 (Summer 1953), 189-190. [Abstract] Read in Ithaca on April 23, 1953, at a meeting of the Western New York Chapter.
2. Mintz, Donald:   Some Aspects of the Revival of Bach. MQ 40/2 (Apr 1954), 201-221.
3. Mintz, Donald Monturean:   The Sketches and Drafts of Three of Felix Mendelssohn's Major Works. diss. (1960) PhD diss., Cornell University, 1960. 2vols. ([v. 1.] Text, [v. 2.] Musical examples.) - Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich.: UMI, 1991.
4. Mintz, Donald:   1848, anti-Semitism, and the Mendelssohn reception. [ce]MendelssohnStudies (1992), 126-148.

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