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1. May, Ernest:   Bach Research. CurMcol 10 (1970), 21-25
2. May, Ernest:   Breitkopf's role in the transmission of Bach's works. [p]AMS_Chicago (Nov 1973)
3. May, Ernest:   Eine neue Quelle für J. S. Bachs einzeln überlieferte Orgelchoräle. BachJb 60 (1974), 98-103
4. May, Ernest Dewey:   Breitkopf's Role in the Transmission of J. S. Bach's Organ Chorales. diss. (1974), 192p
5. May, Ernest:   J. G. Walther and the Lost Weimar Autographs of Bach's Organ Works. [fs]Mendel (1974), 264-282
6. Hofmann, Klaus; May, Ernest:   Johann Sebastian Bach. Neue Ausgabe Sämtlicher Werke. Serie I · Band 20. Kantaten zum 11. und 12. Sonntag nach Trinitatis. Kritischer Bericht. NBA 1/20 (1985), 219p
7. May, Ernest:   The Types, Uses, and Historical Position of Bach's Organ Chorales. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 81-101
8. May, Ernest:   Calendar of Events in Bach's Life as Organist. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 296-300
9. Stauffer, George B.; May, Ernest (eds.):   J. S. Bach as Organist. His instruments, music and performance practices. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 308p
10. Stauffer, George B.; May, Ernest:   Preface (to J. S. Bach as Organist). [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), vii-x
11. Hofmann, Klaus; May, Ernest (eds.):   Kantaten zum 11. und 12. Sonntag nach Trinitatis / Johann Sebastian Bach. NBA 1/20 (1986), xii (6p facs), 275p
12. May, Ernest:   Connections between Breitkopf and J. S. Bach. BachPerspectives 2 (1996), 11-26

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