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1. Lester, Joel:   Problems in the Neue Bach Ausgabe of the E major Partita for Violin Alone. CurMcol 13 (1972), 64-67
2. Lester, Joel:   The Fux-Mattheson Correspondence: An Annotated Translation. CurMcol 24 (1977), 37-62
3. Lester, Joel:   Major-Minor Concepts and Modal Theory in Germany, 1592-1680. JAMSoc 30/2 (Summer 1977), 208-253
4. Lester, Joel:   The Recognition of Major and Minor Keys in German Theory: 1680-1730. JMTheory 22/1 (Spring 1978), 65-103
5. Lester, Joel:   Simultaneity structures and harmonic functions in tonal music. InTheoryOnly 5/ 5 (Jun 1981), 3-28
6. Lester, Joel:   The Rhythms of Tonal Music. (1986), vii, 284p
7. Lester, Joel:   Between Modes and Keys: German Theory, 1592-1802. HarmonolSer 3 (1989), xxv, 240p
8. Lester, Joel:   Compositional Theory in the Eighteenth Century. (1992), 355p
9. Lester, Joel:   Reading and Misreading Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin: Schumann's Accompaniments in Eighteenth-Century and Twentieth-Century Contexts. [p]AMS_Montreal (Nov 1993)
10. Lester, Joel:   Reading and Misreading: Schumann's Accompaniments to Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. CurMcol 56 (1994), 24-53
11. Lester, Joel:   J. S. Bach teaches us how to compose: four pattern Preludes of the Well-Tempered Clavier. ColMSymposium 38 (1998), 33-46
12. Lester, Joel:   Bach's Works for Solo Violin: Style, Structure, Performance. (1999), x, 186p
13. Lester, Joel:   J. S. Bach nos enseņa a componer: cuatro preludios modelo de El Clave Bien Temperado. Quodlibet 18 (Oct 2000), 85-99
14. Lester, Joel:   Heightening Levels of Activity and J. S. Bach's Parallel-Section Constructions. JAMSoc 54/1 (Spring 2001), 49-96
15. Lester, Joel:   The Presto from Bach's G-Minor Sonata for Violin Solo: Style, Rhythm, and Form in a Baroque Moto Perpetuo. [ce]EngagingMusic (2004), 167-179
16. Lester, Joel:   What Beethoven might have learned from J. S. Bach. BonnBeethovenSt 11 (2014), 111-132
17. Lester, Joel:   Tone-painting the Mysterious: The 'Et expecto' from J. S. Bach's Mass in B Minor. Bach 51/1 (2020), 5-43

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