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1. Kevorkian, Tanya:   The Reception of Bach's Cantatas during Leipzig Church Services, 1723-1750. [p]ABS_Washington (Apr 2000)
2. Kevorkian, Tanya:   The reception of the cantata during Leipzig church services, 1700-1750. EarlyM 30/1 (Feb 2002), 26-45
3. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Changing Times, Changing Music: 'New Church' Music and Musicians in Leipzig, 1699-1750. (2004), 61-80
4. Kevorkian, Tanya:   J.S. Bach's working conditions in Leipzig: The political and cultural context. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
5. Kevorkian, Tanya:   J. S. Bach, the Baroque and pietism in Leipzig in the 1720s and 1730s. [p]BICB_Manchester (Jul 2004)
6. Kevorkian, Tanya:   The reception of the Cantata during Leipzig Church Services, 1700-1750. EastmanStudM 37 (2006), 174-189
7. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Baroque Piety: Religion, Society, and Music in Leipzig, 1650-1750. (2007), 266p
8. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Cultural Transfer, Cultural Competition, and Religious Diversity in Leipzig during the Baroque Era. [cr]Belfast2007 1 (2007), 1-10
9. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Congregants and the Cantata Chorale in Leipzig, 1700-1750. [p]MotrealBachfest (Dec 2007)
10. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Understanding Bach's B Minor Mass. Queen's University, Belfast, 2-4 November 2007. 18cM 5/2 (Sep 2008), 271-273
11. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Echoes of J. S. Bach's Leipzig in Johann Adam Hiller's Wöchentliche Nachrichten und Anmerkungen die Musik betreffend. [p]ABS_Bethlehem (May 2008)
12. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Women's Roles in the Liturgy. [p]Women_Yale (Oct 2009)
13. Kevorkian, Tanya:   'Poets, mothers, and Performers: Considering Women's Impact on the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach' -- A Conference Report. BachNotesABS 12 (Winter 2010), 2-3
14. Kevorkian, Tanya (ed.):   Town Musicians in German Baroque Society and Culture. GermHist 30/3 (2012), 350-371
15. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Leipzig no Kyokai Seikatsu. BCJ 106 (Feb 2014), 34-37
16. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Confession in the Working Lives of Town Musicians and Türmer. [p]ABS_SouthBend (Apr 2016)
17. Kevorkian, Tanya:   Households. [ce]RoutledgeResearchCompanion (2017), 99-115
18. Kevorkian, Tanya:   The Leipzig Audiences of J. S. Bach's Matthew Passion to 1750. ContextBachStud 8 (2018), 245-259

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