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1. Jenne, Natalie R.:   Certain problems of rhythm and articulation in the performance of J. S. Bach's harpsichord music. diss. (1967), 68p. DMA diss., Stanford Univ. 1967, 68p.
2. Jenne, Natalie:   Bach's Use of Dance Rhythms in Fugues. [I] Bach 4/4 (Oct 1973), 18-26.
3. Jenne, Natalie:   The Use of Dance Rhythms in Bach's Fugues. [p]AMS_Midwest (Apr 1973) A paper given at the Midwest Chapter meeting of the AMS on April 28-29, 1973 at Ramada Airport Inn, St. Louis.
4. Jenne, Natalie:   Bach's Use of Dance Rhythms in Fugues. Part II. Bach 5/1 (Jan 1974), 3-8.
5. Jenne, Natalie:   Bach's Use of Dance Rhythms in Fugues: Part III. Bach 5/2 (Apr 1974), 3-21.
6. Jenne, Natalie:   On the Performance of Keyboard Allemandes. Bach 10/2 (Apr 1979), 13-30.
7. Little, Meredith; Jenne, Natalie:   Dance and the Music of J. S. Bach. Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Press, 1991. x, 249p. ISBN: 0253335140. - Paperback edn. 1998. ISBN: 0253212111. - Revised and expanded edn. Indiana Univ. Press, 2001. 288p. ISBN: 0-253-33936-7.
8. Jenne, Natalie; Little, Meredith:   Bach's Dance Music. Clavier 34/9 (Nov 1995), 21-26.
9. Jenne, Natalie:   Dancing before the Lord: Dance rhythms in Bach cantatas. [fs]Schalk75 (2005), 123-138.

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