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1. Helm, E. Eugene:   Music at the court of Frederick the Great. (1960), xx, 268p
2. Helm, E. Eugene:   Six Random Measures of C. P. E. Bach. JMTheory 10/1 (Spring 1966), 139-151
3. Helm, E. Eugene:   The 'Hamlet' fantasy and the literary element in C.P.E. Bach's music. MQ 58/2 (Apr 1972), 277-296
4. Helm, E. Eugene:   An honorable shortcut to the works of C.P.E. Bach. FestschriftSer 5 (1985), 85-98
5. Helm, E. Eugene:   Three Weeks of C.P.E. Bach in Hamburg. MTimes 129/1750 (Dec 1988), 664-666
6. Helm, E. Eugene:   The Transmission of C. P. E. Bach's Music. [p]AMS_Baltimore (Nov 1988)
7. Helm, E. Eugene:   Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. [H] (1989), xxvii, 271p
8. Helm, E. Eugene:   The editorial transmission of C.P.E. Bach's music. EarlyM 17/1 (Feb 1989), 32-41
9. Helm, E. Eugene:   C. Ph. E. Bach and the Great Chain of Variation. VeröffJoachimJungiusGWiss 62 (1990), 223-230
10. Wolff, Christoph; Emery, Walter; Helm, E. Eugene; Warburton, Ernest; Derr, Ellwood:   Die Bach-Familie. (1993), 475p
11. Helm, E. Eugene:   Liebhaber, Kenner, and C.P.E. Bach in the musical philosophy of the Enlightenment. CPEBachKonzepteSR 2 (1998), 80-93
12. Helm, E. Eugene:   Melody, harmony, tonality: A book for connoisseurs and amateurs. (2013), x, 198p

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