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1. Haynes, Bruce:   Johann Sebastian Bach's Pitch Standards: The Woodwind Perspective. JAmerMInstrSoc 11 (1985), 55-114
2. Haynes, Bruce:   Questions of Tonality in Bach's Cantatas: The Woodwind Perspective. JAmerMInstrSoc 12 (1986), 40-67
3. Haynes, Bruce:   Les diapasons à l'époque de Jean-Sébastien Bach. FluteInstrAnciens 22,23 (1987), 11-19; 4-8
4. Haynes, Bruce:   Beyond temperament: non-keyboard intonation in the 17th and 18th centuries. EarlyM 19/3 (Aug 1991), 357-365,367-370,372-381
5. Haynes, Bruce:   Johann Sebastian Bachs Oboenkonzerte. BachJb 78 (1992), 23-43
6. Haynes, Bruce:   Pitch Standards in the Baroque and Classical Periods. diss. (1995), xxxiv, 644p
7. Haynes, Bruce:   Sebastian Bach and pitch. (2002), 229-264
8. Haynes, Bruce:   A history of performing pitch. The story of 'A'. (2002), 568p
9. Haynes, Bruce:   The End of Early Music: A Period Performer's History of Music. (2007), 304p
10. Haynes, Bruce:   Beyond temperament: Non-keyboard intonation in the 17th and 18th centuries. [ce]BaroqueMusic (2011), 147-171
11. Haynes, Bruce; Burgess, Geoffrey:   The pathetick musician: Moving an audience in the Age of Eloquence. (2016), xxix, 323p

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