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1. Fabian, Dorottya:   The Changing Style of Performing J. S. Bach's Music 1950-1975. [p]BCB_Birmingham (Jul 1996) A Paper read at Seventh Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Univ. of Birmingham, 4-7 July 1996.
2. Fabian, Dorottya:   J. S. Bach Recordings 1945-1975: St Matthew and St John Passions, Brandenburg Concertos and Goldberg Variations - A Study of the Changing Style of Performance in the Context of the Early Music Movement. diss. (1998) PhD diss., The University of New South Wales, 1998.
3. Fabian, Dorottya:   Bach recordings as a chronicle of performance style: in search of analytical tools for a critical assessment. [p]BCB_Exeter (Jul 1998) A Paper read at Eighth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Univ. of Exeter, 9-12 July 1996.
4. Fabian, Dorottya:   Bach Performance Practice, 1945-1975: A Comprehensive Review of Sound Recordings and Literature. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003. xiv, 314p. ISBN: 0-7546-0549-3; 978-0-7546-0549-2.
5. Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery:   Expressive devices and perceived musical character in 34 performances of Variation 7 from Bach's Goldberg Variations. MScientiae Special Issue (2003), 49-71.
6. Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery:   Performed and perceived dotting are different: Implications for performance practice and pedagogy. [cr]CIM04_Graz (2004), 74-75. Poster presented at the Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, Graz, 15-18 April 2004. [Abstract]
7. Fabian, Dorottya:   Bach performance practice in the twentieth century: recordings, reviews and reception. IrishMStud 8 (2004), 179-189.
8. Fabian, Dorottya:   Adalékok J.S. Bach szóló hegedűszonátáinak és -partitáinak előadástörténetéhez. MagyarZene 42/3-4 (Oct 2004), 311-335. [Towards a performance history of J.S Bach's sonatas and partitas for solo violin: Preliminary investigations] (= Somfai László 70 eves) Latin 2
9. Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery:   An experimental investigation of musical character portrayed by piano versus harpsichord performances of a J.S. Bach excerpt In: Aesthetics and experience in music performance, ed. Elizabeth Mackinlay, Denis Collins and Samantha Owens. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2005. xxiv, 348p. ISBN: 1-904303-50-1; 978-1-904303-50-3; pp.70-84.
10. Fabian, Dorottya:   Bach performance practice in the twentieth century: recordings, reviews and reception. BachNachwelt 4 (2005), 157-167. [Repr. from Anne Leahy / Yo Tomita (Hrsg.), Bach Studies from Dublin, Dublin 2004, S. 179-189 (= Irish Musical Studies 8)]
11. Fabian, Dorottya:   Towards a Performance History of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin: Preliminary Investigations. [fs]Somfai70 (2005), 87-108.
12. Fabian, Dorottya:   The Merits of Archival Research in Music: Reviews of The English Bach Awakening and Musical Entries at Stationers' Hall 1710-1818. McolAustralia 28 (2005-06), 127-130.
13. Fabian, Dorottya:   Is diversity in Musical Performance Truly in Decline? The Evidence of Sound Recordings. Context 31 (2006), 165-180.
14. Fabian, Dorottya:   The Recordings of Joachim, Ysa˙e and Sarasate in light of their Reception by Nineteenth-Century British Critics. IReviewAesthSociolM 37/2 (Dec 2006), 189-211. [Repr. in Classical and Romantic music. - Farnham: Ashgate, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-7546-2859-0; 0-7546-2859-0. Pages: 97-119]
15. Schubert, Emery; Fabian, Dorottya:   The dimensions of baroque music performance: a semantic differential study. PsycholM 34/4 (2006), 537-587.
16. Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery:   Musical character and the performance and perception of dotting, articulation and tempo in 34 recordings of Variation 7 from J.S. Bach's Goldberg variations (BWV 988). MScientiae 12/2 (Fall-Winter 2008), 177-206.
17. Fabian, Dorottya; Ornoy, Eitan:   Identity in violin playing on records: Interpretation profiles in recordings of solo Bach by early twentieth-century violinists. PerformPractReview 14/1 (2009), 1-40.
18. Bangert, Daniel; Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery:   Doing without thinking? Aspects of musical decision-making revisited. [cr]Vienna2013 (2013), 201.
19. Fabian, Dorottya:   Ornamentation in recent recordings of J.S. Bach's solo sonatas and partitas for violin. MinAd 11/2 (2013), 1-21.
20. Fabian, Dorottya:   Commercial Sound Recordings and Trends in Expressive Music Performance: Why Should Experimental Researchers Pay Attention? [ce]ExpressivenessMPerform (2014), 58-79. Part 1: Reception and aesthetics of Western Classical music performance, Chapter 4. [BWV 1004]
21. Schubert, Emery; Fabian, Dorottya:   A Taxonomy of Listeners' Judgements of Expressiveness in Music Performance. [ce]ExpressivenessMPerform (2014), 283-303. Part 3: Models and Quantifications of Expressive Performance of Western Classical Music, Chapter 16. [BWV 1004]
22. Fabian, Dorottya; Timmers, Renee; Schubert, Emery (eds.):   Expressiveness in music performance: Empirical approaches across styles and cultures. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. 416p. ISBN: 9780199659647. [contents]
23. Bangert, Daniel; Fabian, Dorottya; Schubert, Emery; Yeadon, Daniel:   Performing solo Bach: a case study of musical decision-making. MScientiae 18/1 (Mar 2014), 35-52.
24. Fabian, Dorottya:   A musicology of performance: theory and method based on Bach's solos for violin. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2015. ii, 339p. ISBN: 978-1-78374-153-3.

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