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1. Elferen, Isabella van:   Musical expression of mystic love in Bach's vocal work. [p]IBS_Utrecht (Sep 2000) Paper read at International Bach Symposium Utrecht 2000, University of Utrecht 12-14 September 2000.
2. Elferen, Isabella van:   The language of love. Baroque mystical love as an intertextual phenomenon. [p]ABS_Harvard (Apr 2001) Paper at American Bach Society Colloquium, Harvard University, Cambridge (Mass.) in April 2001.
3. Elferen, Isabella van:   Theological symbolism of blood and tear metaphors in German baroque poetry and music. [p]CHB_Cambridge (Sep 2001) Paper at conference Cultural Histories of Blood in early modern Europe, Cambridge University (UK) in September 2001.
4. Elferen, Isabella van:   The affection of love in arts and sciences of the German baroque. [p]RE_Manchester (May 2001) Paper at conference Representing Emotions: Evidence, Arousal, Analysis, Manchester University in May 2001.
5. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Sie creutzigen alle Sinne des Leibes!' Die lutherische Passionsbetrachtung als Affekttherapie. [p]IATB_Eisenach (Mar 2002) Paper read at the Tagung der Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung e.V. 14.-17. März 2002 in Verbindung mit der Evang.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Eisenach, der Gesellschaft
6. Elferen, Isabella van:   Visuality in poetry and music of the early German baroque. [p]MVK_Groningen (Feb 2002) Paper at conference Multimedialiteit in vroegmoderne kunsten, Groningen University, February 2002.
7. Elferen, Isabella van:   Reading, seeing, hearing and feeling in Lutheran poetry and music of the German baroque. [p]Paragone_Utrecht (May 2002) Paper at conference Paragone and beyond. Past and present thinking on the relationships between the arts at Utrecht University, May 2002.
8. Elferen, Isabella van:   Von Laura zum himmlischen Bräutigam: Der petrarkistische Diskurs in Dichtung und Musik des deutschen Barock. diss. (2003), 286p. PhD diss., Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, 2003. 286p.
9. Elferen, Isabella van:   Blood and Tears in J.S. Bach's Passions. [p]BachsPassions_Miami (Feb-Mar 2003) Paper read at Bach Symposium held at University of Miami from 26 February to 1 March 2003.
10. Elferen, Isabella van:   Mystische Liebe in Text und Musik der barocken Passionsbetrachtung. [p]WAfB_Wolfenbüttel (Apr 2003) Passion, Affekt und Leidenschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit. 11. Jahrestreffen des Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreises für Barockforschung in der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel vom 2. bis 5. April 2003
11. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Sie creutzigen alle Sinne des Leibes!' Multi-mediality, Consolatio Tragoediae and Lutheran Pedagogy in the German Baroque Passion Meditation. In: Multi-Media Compositions from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. Ed. Margriet Hoogvliet. Leuven, Paris, Dudley, MA: Peeters, 2004. - pp.121-143.
12. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Recht bitter und doch süße': Textual and Musical Expression of Mystical Love in German Baroque Meditations of Christ's Passion. Bach 35/1 (2004), 1-28.
13. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Seuffzen und Thränen': of sighs and tears in Bach's vocal works. [p]BICB_Manchester (Jul 2004) A Paper read at the 11th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music held at Royal Northern College of Music, 14-18 July 2004
14. Elferen, Isabella van:   Affective discourse in German baroque textbased music. TijdschrMtheorie 9/3 (Nov 2004), 217-236.
15. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Let tears of blood run down your cheeks'. Floods of blood, tears and love in German baroque devotional literature and music. In M. Gadebusch Bondio (ed.), Blood in History and Blood Histories. Florence: Sismel, Micrologus Library, 2005.
16. Elferen, Isabella van:   Tears of Transgression. Crying, Sensitivity, and Performance in Musical Culture of the Empfindsamkeit. Guest lecture, Oxford University, Faculty of Music (01.2005)
17. Elferen, Isabella van:   Van Laura tot hemelse bruidegom: Mystieke liefde in poëzie en muziek van de Duitse barok. Incontri 20/1 (2005), 99-112.
18. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Und ging hinaus, und weinete bitterlich': Music crossing Social Borders in C.P.E. Bach's Passions. [p]ABS_Leipzig (May 2006) A paper read at the Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society, Leipzig, May 11-13, 2006: 'Bach Crossing Borders'. Abstract published in BachNotesABS, 5 (Spring, 2006), p. 12.
19. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Ihr Augen weint!' Intersubjective Tears in the Sentimental Concert Hall. UnderstandingBach 2 (2007), 77-94.
20. Elferen, Isabella van:   The Hungry Soul: Communion Mystics and Physiology in J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Bach 40/1 (2009), 35-57.
21. Elferen, Isabella van:   Mystical love in the German Baroque: theology, poetry, music. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2009. xxvi, 357p. ISBN: 0-8108-6220-4; 978-0-8108-6220-3. (= Contextual Bach Studies, 2) [contents]
22. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Recht bitter und doch süße'. Lutherse theologie en mystieke liefde in de Matthäus-Passion. [ce]GeheimenMatthausPassion (2010), 81-91.
23. Elferen, Isabella van:   The Gothic Bach: Film, TV, Subculture ... and Liturgy. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh (Aug 2011) A paper read at the Fifth Johann Sebastian Bach Dialogue Meeting at Loretto and Edinburgh, 12-14 August 2011.
24. Elferen, Isabella van:   Gothic music: The sounds of the uncanny. University of Wales Press Cardiff, 2012. 229p. ISBN: 0-7083-2512-2; 978-0-7083-2512-4; 0-7083-2513-0; 978-0-7083-2513-1. [BWV 565]
25. Elferen, Isabella van:   The Gothic Bach. UnderstandingBach 7 (2012), 9-20.

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