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1. Cypess, Rebecca; Glixon, Beth; Link, Nathan (eds.):   Word, image, and song, Vol. 2: Essays on musical voices. EastmanStudM 102 (2013), 288p
2. Cypess, Rebecca:   Ancient Poetry, Modern Music, and the Wechselgesang der Mirjam und Debora: The Meanings of Song in the Itzig Circle. Bach 47/1 (Jun 2016), 21-65
3. Cypess, Rebecca:   Music Historicism: Sara Levy and the Jewish Enlightenment. BachPerspectives 12 (2018), 129-151
4. Cypess, Rebecca:   Duets in the collection of Sara Levy and the ideal of 'unity in multiplicity'. EastmanStudM 145 (2018), 181-204
5. Cypess, Rebecca; Sinkoff, Nancy (eds.):   Sara Levy's world: gender, Judaism, and the Bach tradition in Enlightenment Berlin. EastmanStudM 145 (2018), x, 292p
6. Cypess, Rebecca:   How thorough was Bach's thoroughbass? A reconsideration of the trio texture. EarlyM 47/1 (Feb 2019), 83-97

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