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1. Cooper, John Michael:   'Aber eben dieser Zweifel': A New Look at Mendelssohn's 'Italian'. 19cM 15/3 (Spring 1992), 169-187.
2. Cooper, John Michael:   Felix Mendelssohn's Arrangement of the D-Minor Chaconne: A Case Study in Nineteenth-Century Reception. [p]AMS_Southeast (Feb 1992) A paper read at the Southeast Chapter of the American Musicological Society on 29 February 1992 at Duke University. [BWV 1004/5]
3. Cooper, John Michael:   Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and the Italian Symphony: Historical, Musical, and Extramusical Perspectives. diss. (1994), xv, 455p. PhD diss., Duke University, 1994. xv, 455p. - Ann Arbor: UMI, 1994.
4. Cooper, John Michael:   Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Ferdinand David und Johann Sebastian Bach: Mendelssohns Bach-Auffassung im Spiegel der Wiederentdeckung der 'Chaconne'. MendelssohnSt 10 (1997), 157-179. [BWV 1004/5]
5. Cooper, John Michael:   Timpani Parts in German Baroque Music: The Schlagmanieren Revisited. EarlyM 27/2 (May 1999), 249-264, 266.
6. Cooper, John Michael:   Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: a guide to research; with an introduction to research concerning Fanny Hensel. New York [u.a.]: Routledge, 2001. ix, 308p. ISBN: 0-8153-1513-9. (= Composer resource manuals, 54)
7. Cooper, John Michael:   Mendelssohn's Works: Prolegomenon to a Comprehensive Inventory. [ce]MendelssohnCompanion (2001), 701-785.
8. Cooper, John Michael; Prandi, Julie D. (eds.):   The Mendelssohns: Their music in history. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. xxii, 382p. ISBN: 0-19-816723-7; 978-0-19-816723-5. [contents]
9. Cooper, John Michael:   Impulse Bachs im Geiste der Gegenwart: Bemerkungen zu einigen wenig bekannten Sätzen aus Mendelssohns Paulus. [p]IK_Leipzig (Nov 2005) 'Zu groß, zu unerreichbar' - Bach-Rezeption im Zeitalter Mendelssohns und Schumanns. Internationales Kolloquium Leipzig 3.-5. November 2005
10. Cooper, John Michael:   Impulse Bachs im Geiste der Gegenwart: Bemerkungen zu einigen wenig bekannten Sätzen aus Mendelssohns Paulus. BeitrGesBachRezeption 1 (2007), 181-208.
11. Cooper, John Michael:   Mendelssohn, Goethe, and the Walpurgis night: The Heathen Muse in European Culture, 1700 - 1850. Rochester, NY [u.a.]: Univ. of Rochester Press, 2007. xvi, 284p. ISBN: 1-58046-252-9; 978-1-58046-252-5 (= Eastman studies in music, 43) [contents]
12. Cooper, John Michael:   Mendelssohn's Fugues for String Quartet (1821). AdParnassum 7/14 (Oct 2009), 37-69.
13. Cooper, John Michael; Todd, R. Larry:   'With True Esteem and Friendship': The Correspondence of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Louis Spohr. JMcolResearch 29/2-3 (Apr 2010), 171-259.

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