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1. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   'A really large and really beautiful organ': Johann Christoph Bach's new organ for St. George's Church in Eisenach. [p]ABS_Houston (Apr 2002)
2. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Johann Christoph Bach's New Organ for Eisenach's Georgenkirche. Bach 35/1 (2004), 42-60
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4. Butler, Lynn Edwards; Butler, Gregory:   'Rare, newly invented stops': Scheibe's organ for St. Paul's Church, Leipzig. [fs]Vogel65 (2006), 285-306
5. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   'Requisites for a perfect and durable organ:' Examinations of Silbermann organs using Werckmeister's Orgel-Probe. [fs]Williams70 (2007), 101-116
6. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Johann Christoph Bach und die von Georg Christoph Stertzing erbaute große Orgel der Georgenkirche in Eisenach. BachJb 94 (2008), 229-269
7. Butler, Lynn Edwards; Swack, Jeanne:   Madison in May: The American Bach Society Holds its Biennial Meeting May 7-9, 2010. BachNotesABS 12 (Winter 2010), 3-9
8. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Leipzig's Organs in the Time of Bach. KeyboardPerspectives 3 (2010), 87-100
9. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Bach, Johann Scheibe und die Orgeln in Zschortau und Stötteritz - Vier neue Quellen. BachJb 97 (2011), 265-268
10. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Bach's Report on Johann Scheibe's Organ for Leipzig's St. Paul's Church: A Reassessment. [p]ABS_Rochester (Sep 2012)
11. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Four Sources Relating to Bach, Organ Builder Johann Scheibe, and the Organs in Zschortau and Stötteritz. Bach 44/2 (2013), 1-5
12. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Ein Orgelbauer 'unter dem Einfluß Andreas Werckmeisters': Zacharias Hildebrandts Orgelkontrakte für Störmthal und Liebertwolkwitz. BachJb 101 (2015), 305-327
13. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   Bach's Report on Johann Scheibe's Organ for St Paul's Church, Leipzig: A Reassessment. Bachperspectives 10 (2016), 1-15
14. Butler, Lynn Edwards:   J. S. Bach in Altenburg: Ein bisher unbeachtetes Dokument. BachJb 106 (2020), 227-234

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