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1. Boyden, David D.:   The Violin and Its Technique in the 18th Century. MQ 36/1 (Jan 1950), 9-38.
2. Boyden, David D.:   When Is a Concerto Not a Concerto? MQ 43/2 (Apr 1957), 220-232.
3. Boyden, David D.:   Performance Practice in the 17th and 18th Centuries. [cr]NewYork1961 2 (1962), 122-126. [A report on a discussion of issues in Baroque performance practice by Putnam Aldrich, Sol Babitz, Eva Badura-Skoda, David D. Boyden, Thurston Dart, Otto Erich Deutsch, Robert Donington, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Jens Peter Larsen, Albert van der Linden, Arthur Mendel, Marc Pincherle, and Jack A. Westrup, based on the papers by Pincherle and Dart]
4. Boyden, David Dodge:   The History of Violin Playing from its Origins to 1761 - and its Relationship to the Violin and Violin Music. London: Oxford Univ. Press, 1965. 570p - 3rd rev. edn. 1975. xxiii, 569p, [40]p of plates. ISBN: 0193163152.
5. Boyden, David D.:   Die Geschichte des Violinspiels von seinen Anfängen bis 1761. Trans. by Hanna Gál and Günter Kehr. Mainz: Schott, 1971. xxiii, 630, 40p. - Chapter XIX is also published in: Rudolf Gähler: Der Rundbogen für die Violine - ein Phänomen? Regensburg: ConBrio Verlagsgesellschaft, 1997, p. 46-60. (= ConBrio Fachbuch, 5)
6. Boyden, David D.:   The violin bow in the 18th century. EarlyM 8/2 (Apr 1980), 199-203, 205-212.
7. Boyden, David D.:   [Chapter XIX of Die Geschichte des Violinspiels von seinen Anfängen bis 1761.] ConBrioFachbuch 5 (1997), 46-60.

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