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1. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Bach performance in Italian 'instructive editions'. [cr]Aveiro2009 (2009)
2. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive Editions and Piano Performance Practice: A Case Study. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Italy between 19th and 20th Century. (2012), 364p
3. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive editions of J. S. Bach's 'Wohltemperirtes Klavier': an Italian perspective. diss. (2012), 466p
4. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive Editions of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Italy. [p]BNUK_Warsaw (Jul 2013)
5. Bertoglio, Chiara:   A Perfect Chord: Trinity in Music, Music in the Trinity. Religions 4 (2013), 485–501
6. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Instructive Editions of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Italy. [p]BICB_Salzburg (Jul 2014)
7. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Italian Instructive Editions of The Well-Tempered Clavier: A Useful Resource for Performance Practice Studies. UnderstandingBach 9 (2014), 49-74
8. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Enhancing the Spectacular: Busoni on Bach's Goldberg Variations. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
9. Bertoglio, Chiara:   The Mother, the sinners and the cross. [ce]Bertoglio (2016), 61-106
10. Bertoglio, Chiara:   'Mit Harfen und mit Zimbeln schon': Bach's cantata BWV 140 as a case-study for a theological interpretation of music. [ce]Bertoglio (2016), 107-178
11. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Through music to truth: Music and theology in dialogue with Italian culture. [ce]Bertoglio (2016), 187p
12. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Busoni on how to transcribe from the organ to the piano: an easy course in ten Preludes. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2017)
13. Bertoglio, Chiara:   From Bach's violin to Italian pianos: the Sei Solo in the Italian piano transcriptions. [cr]Montecassiano2019 (2019), 17-24
14. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Translating Bach: Understanding Bach Piano Performance through Lipiński's Instructive Edition [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 343-367 Latin 2

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