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1. Baron, Carol Kitzes:   'Father Knew (and Filled Me Up with) Bach': Bach and Ives--Affinities in Lines and Spaces. BachPerspectives 5 (2003), 151-177
2. Baron, Carol K.:   Transitions, Transformations, Reversals: Rethinking Bach's World. EastmanStudM 37 (2006), 1-34
3. Baron, Carol K.:   Tumultuous Philosophers, Pious Rebels, Revolutionary Teachers, Pedantic Clerics, Vengeful Bureaucrats, Threatened Tyrants, Worldly Mystics: The Religious World Bach Inherited. EastmanStudM 37 (2006), 35-85
4. Baron, Carol K.:   Bach's Changing World: Voices in the Community. EastmanStudM 37 (2006), xvi, 264p
5. Baron, Carol K.:   Rethinking Music History and Biography in Early Modern Germany: Interactions and Discrepancies between German Political Historiography and German Music History. [p]BICB_Warsaw (Jul 2006)
6. Baron, Carol K.:   Shapey: In His Own Voice. ContempMReview 27/4-5 (Aug-Oct 2008), 407-432
7. Baron, Carol K.:   Bill and His (Bach) Arias. BachNotesABS 11 (Spring 2009), 5-6

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