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1. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Bachanalia. The Essential Listener's Guide to Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Preface by Stephen Jay Gould. Boston, N.Y. et al: Little, Brown and co., 1994. xv, 254p. ISBN: 0-316-03529-7.
2. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Trumpet major? JS Bach and the Reiche portrait. MTimes 142/1876 (Autumn 2001), 29-31. Did Bach write the fanfare in Gottfried Reiche's portrait?
3. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Bach's singers. EarlyM 31/2 (May 2003), 318. Correspondence.
4. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Bach's singers. EarlyM 32/2 (May 2004), 350. Correspondence.
5. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Were Bach's Toccata and Fugue BWV 565 and the Ciaccona from BWV 1004 lute pieces? MTimes 146/1893 (Winter 2005), 77-86.
6. Altschuler, Eric Lewin; Braus, Ira:   Selecting Bach Tempos. Clavier 47/4 (Apr 2008), 24-28.
7. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   Enharmonics in Bach. MTimes 149/1903 (Summer 2008), 2-4. Letters. [BWV 542/1, 637, 1005/1, 968]
8. Altschuler, Eric Lewin:   A whole-tone scale and a 'mirror' repeat in Bach's partitas and sonatas for solo violin. MTimes 159/1942 (Spring 2018), 29-32.

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