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1. Aldrich, Putnam:   The Principal agréments of the 17th and 18th Centuries. A Study in Musical Ornamentation. diss. (1942), 687 Bl
2. Aldrich, Putnam:   Bach's Technique of Transcription and Improvised Ornamentation. MQ 35/1 (Jan 1949), 26-35
3. Aldrich, Putnam:   Ornamentation in J. S. Bach's Organ Works. (1950), 61p
4. Aldrich, Putnam:   Bachs Verzierungen, insbesondere in seinen Orgelwerken. MKirche 26/2 (1956), 51-60
5. Aldrich, Putnam:   The 'Authentic' Performance of Baroque Music. [fs]Davison (1957), 161-171
6. Aldrich, Putnam:   The Role of Improvised and Written Ornamentation in the Evolution of Musical Language. [cr]NewYork1961 2 (1962), 166-171
7. Aldrich, Putnam:   On the Interpretation of Bach's Trills. MQ 49/3 (Jul 1963), 289-310
8. Aldrich, Putnam:   'Rhythmic harmony' as taught by Johann Philipp Kirnberger. [fs]Geiringer70 (1970), 37-52
9. Aldrich, Putnam:   Wanda Landowska's 'musique ancienne'. Notes 27/3 (Mar 1971), 461-468

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