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1. Abravaya, Ido:   A French overture revisited: another look at the two versions of BWV 831. EarlyM 25/1 (Feb 1997), 47-58, 60-61.
2. Abravaya, Ido:   Studies of Rhythm and Tempo in the Music of J. S. Bach. diss. (2000), xv, 318p. PhD diss., Musicology, Tel Aviv University, 2000. xv, 318 p
3. Abravaya, Ido:   Bach's tempo practices, the tempo theories of his time -- and ours. OrbisMusicae 13 (2003), 81-90.
4. Abravaya, Ido:   The Baroque upbeat: outline of its typology and evolution. IrishMStud 8 (2004), 17-28.
5. Abravaya, Ido:   Bach's tempo practices: tempo changes. [p]BICB_Manchester (Jul 2004) A Paper read at the 11th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music held at Royal Northern College of Music, 14-18 July 2004
6. Abravaya, Ido:   On Bach's Rhythm and Tempo. Kassel [u.a.]: Bärenreiter, 2006. 232p. ISBN: 13: 978-3-7618-1602-8; ISBN: 10: 3-7618-1602-2. (= Bochumer Arbeiten zur Musikwissenschaft, 4) [contents]
7. Abravaya, Ido:   J.S. Bach's wedding quodlibet, BWV 524. MinAd 13 (2016), 51-61.

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