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Year : 2002
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1. Baumgartner, Nicholas:   European Bach Interpretation at the Turn of the Millennium. Bach 33/1 (2002), 1-56.
2. Butler, Gregory G.:   The Galant Style in J. S. Bach's Musical Offering: Widening the Dimensions. Bach 33/1 (2002), 57-68.
3. Ahrens, Christian:   Johann Sebastian Bach and The 'New Gusto' In Music Around 1740. Bach 33/1 (2002), 69-83. Trans. by Sabine Thomas and Melvin Unger.
4. Jerold, Beverly:   Editorial Decisions for Ornaments in Bach's Works. Bach 33/2 (2002), 1-14.
5. Collins, Denis:   Bach's Occasional Canon BWV 1073 and 'Stacked' Canonic Procedure in the Eighteenth Century. Bach 33/2 (2002), 15-34.
6. Steiger, Renate:   Dialogue Structures in J. S. Bach's Cantatas: The Basic Form of Worship as a Model for Artistic Shaping. Bach 33/2 (2002), 35-70. Trans. by Greta Konradt.
7. Mayerovitch, Robert:   CD Review: Johann Sebastian Bach. Art of Fugue. Peter Elyakim Taussig, piano solo. MS 102 Crystal Music Records, 2001. Recorded on the Yamaha Disklavier PRO(R)piano. Bach 33/2 (2002), 71-76.

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