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1. Byrne, Lorraine:   The Goethe-Zelter Letters: Musical Implications. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
2. Corneilson, Paul:   The St. John Passion According to C.P.E. Bach. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
3. Hennemann, Monika:   Guarding the Gates of Tradition: Zelter-Teacher and Tyrant. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
4. Reul, Barbara M.:   Life Before the Sing-Akademie: Carl Fasch and Zerbst. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
5. Minor, Ryan:   Heil ihm! Heil uns!: Festivity and the Chorus in Occasional Works of Felix Mendelssohn. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
6. Schulenberg, David:   The Last Bach-Family Copper-Engraved Print: C.P.E. Bach's Probestücke. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
7. Summerville, Suzanne:   Prinz Anton Heinrich Radziwill's Compositions to Goethe's Faust. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
8. Zohn, Steven:   New Telemann Sources in the Archive of the Berlin Sing-Akademie. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
9. Reichwald, Siegwart:   The Tale of Four Cities, (at least) Three Premieres and No Great Performance: Early Performances of Mendelssohn's Paulus and the Composer's Ideals of the Right Performance. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
10. Williams, Briony:   Sharing a History: Women Composers of the Berlin Sing-Akademie during the Directorship of Carl Friedrich Zelter. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
11. Kawohl, Friedemann:   Sing-Akademie Composers as Experts on Church Music and Copyright. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
12. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   More Discoveries From the Archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin: The Long-Lost Flute Quartets and other works of Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773). [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
13. Silverberg, Ann:   Felix, Fanny, and Roman Compositional Style in the Singakademien and in situ. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)
14. Mustakallio, Marja:   Fanny Hensel and the Performance of the St. Paul Oratorio in the Berlin Sing-Akademie. [p]IS_Memphis (Nov 2003)

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