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1. Wolff, Christoph:   Images of Bach' [keynote address]. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
2. Coppola, Catherine:   In his own image: Source and reception in Busoni's Fantasia nach Bach. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
3. Anderson, Christopher:   Reger performs Bach: Evidence from the Meiningen Reger Archive. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
4. Dirst, Matthew:   Mirror images of the heroic composer: Bach and Handel in the nineteenth century. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
5. Zohn, Steven:   Images of Telemann: The 'good-natured kapellmeister' and other myths. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
6. Towe, Teri Noel:   The group portrait that does not depict Johann Sebastian Bach and three of his sons. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
7. Boomhower, Daniel F.:   Images of Bach scholarship: Arthur Mendel and musicological method. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
8. Leahy, Anne:   The image of Bach from a German-American perspective: Gerhard Herz and the modern American Bach movement. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
9. Rathey, Markus:   Images and imaginations: Fritz Volbach's view of Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
10. Botwinick, Sara:   From Ohrdruf to Arnstadt: A Subversive Reading of J.S. Bach's Relationship to Authority. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
11. Kevorkian, Tanya:   J.S. Bach's working conditions in Leipzig: The political and cultural context. [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)
12. Crist, Stephen A.:   When is an aria not an aria? [p]ABS_NewBrunswick (Apr 2004)

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