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Series : [ce]WereldBachCantates
Volume : 3
Year : 1998
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1. Wolff, Christoph:   De kerkcantates van Bach in Leipzig: Repertoire en context. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 12-35. [The church cantatas of Bach in Leipzig: Repertoire and context]
2. Wollny, Peter:   Geestelijke cantatas van tijdgenoten van Bach. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 36-49. [Sacred cantatas by contemporaries of Bach]
3. Glöckner, Andreas:   Het Thomascantoraat voor Bach: Over de traditie en geschiedenis vanaf de reformatie. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 50-67. [The choir directorship at the Thomaskirche before Bach: On the tradition and history from the Reformation]
4. Petzoldt, Martin:   Liturgie en muziek in de hoofdkerken van Leipzig. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 68-93. [Liturgy and music in the main churches of Leipzig]
5. Wolff, Christoph:   Bach: Cantor en kapelmeester. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 94-105. [Bach: Cantor and music director]
6. Schulze, Hans-Joachim:   Teksten en tekstdichters. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 108-125. [Vocal texts and their authors]
7. Petzoldt, Martin:   Theologische aspecten van Bachs cantates uit Leipzig. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 126-141. [Theological aspects of Bach's cantatas from Leipzig]
8. Schulze, Hans-Joachim:   Samenstelling en organisatie van Bachs uitvoeringen. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 142-155. [Arrangement and organization of Bach's performances]
9. Stauffer, George B.:   De sinfonia's. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 156-175. [The sinfonias]
10. Melamed, Daniel R.:   Koren. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 176-191. [Choruses]
11. Crist, Stephen A.:   Recitatieven en arias. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 192-211. [Recitatives and arias]
12. Wolff, Christoph:   Koralen. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 212-221. [Chorales] Trans. Guido van Oorschot.
13. Leisinger, Ulrich:   Muzikale tekstuitleg: Continuiteit en verandering. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 222-231. [Musical explanation of the text: Continuity and change]
14. Koopman, Ton:   Bachs koor en orkest. [ce]WereldBachCantates 3 (1998), 232-249. [Bach's choir and orchestra]
15. Wolff, Christoph (ed.):   De wereld van de Bach cantates. III: Johann Sebastian Bachs kerkelijke cantates uit Leipzig. onder red. van Christoph Wolff. Trans. Wim van der Zwan, intro., Ton Koopman. - Abcoude: Uniepers, 1998. 264p. ISBN: 90-6825-162-7; 978-90-6825-162-3. [contents]

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