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Year : 1984
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1. Plantinga, Leon:   Schumann's critical reaction to Mendelssohn. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 11-19
2. Krummacher, Friedhelm:   Mendelssohn's late chamber music: Some autograph sources recovered. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 71-84
3. Newman, William S.:   Three musical intimates of Mendelssohn and Schumann in Leipzig: Hauptmann, Moscheles, and David. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 87-98
4. Citron, Marcia J.:   Fanny Hensel's letters to Felix Mendelssohn in the Green-Books Collection at Oxford. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 99-108
5. Finson, Jon W.; Todd, R. Larry (eds.):   Mendelssohn and Schumann: essays on their music and its context. [ce]MendelssohnSchumann (1984), 189p

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