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1. Dähnert, Ulrich:   Organs Played and Tested by J. S. Bach. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 3-24.
2. Haupt, Hartmut:   Bach Organs in Thuringia. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 25-30.
3. Vogel, Harald:   North German Organ Building of the Late Seventeenth Century: Registration and Tuning. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 31-40. Trans. by Lynn Edwards and Edward Pepe.
4. Brombaugh, John:   Bach's Influence on Late Twentieth-Century. American Organ Building. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 41-47.
5. Alain, Marie-Claire:   Why an Acquaintance with Early Organs Is Essential for Playing Bach. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 48-56. Trans. by Ondine Hasson.
6. Wolff, Christoph:   Johann Adam Reinken and Johann Sebastian Bach: On the Context of Bach's Early Works. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 57-80.
7. May, Ernest:   The Types, Uses, and Historical Position of Bach's Organ Chorales. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 81-101.
8. Breig, Werner:   The 'Great Eighteen' Chorales: Bach's Revisional Process and the Genesis of the Work. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 102-120. George Stauffer.
9. Wolff, Christoph:   Bach's Personal Copy of the Schübler Chorales. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 121-132.
10. Stauffer, George B.:   Fugue Types in Bach's Free Organ Works. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 133-156.
11. Krummacher, Friedhelm:   Bach's Free Organ Works and the 'stylus Phantasticus' [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 157-171. Trans. by Thomas Baker.
12. Dreyfus, Laurence:   The Metaphorical Soloist: Concerted Organ Parts in Bach's Cantatas. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 172-192.
13. Stauffer, George B.:   Bach's Organ Registration Reconsidered. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 193-211.
14. Marshall, Robert L.:   Organ or 'Klavier'? Instrumental Prescriptions in the Sources of Bach's Keyboard Works. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 212-239.
15. Tagliavini, Luigi Ferdinando:   Bach's Organ Transcription of Vivaldi's 'Grosso Mogul'. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 240-255.
16. Horn, Victoria:   French Influence in Bach's Organ Works. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 256-273.
17. Williams, Peter F.:   The Snares and Delusions of Notation: Bach's Early Organ Works. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 274-294.
18. May, Ernest:   Calendar of Events in Bach's Life as Organist. [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), 296-300.
19. Stauffer, George B.; May, Ernest (eds.):   J. S. Bach as Organist. His instruments, music and performance practices. London: B. T. Batsford Ltd., 1986, 308p. - Repr. edn. Indiana University Press, 2000. xi, 308p. ISBN: 0-253-21386-X [contents]
20. Stauffer, George B.; May, Ernest:   Preface (to J. S. Bach as Organist). [ce]JSBOrganist (1986), vii-x.

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