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1. Wolff, Christoph:   Past, present and future perspectives on Bach's B-minor Mass. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 3-20. Part I: historical background and contexts.
2. Leaver, Robin A.:   Bach's Mass: 'Catholic' or 'Lutheran'? [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 21-38. Part I: historical background and contexts.
3. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Bach's Missa BWV 232I in the context of Catholic Mass settings in Dresden, 1729-1733. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 39-53. Part I: historical background and contexts.
4. Paczkowski, Szymon:   The role and significance of the polonaise in the 'Quoniam' of the B-minor Mass. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 54-83. Part I: historical background and contexts.
5. Maul, Michael:   'The Great Catholic Mass': Bach, Count Questenberg and the Musicalische Congregation in Vienna. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 84-104. Part I: historical background and contexts. Trans. Alison Dunlop.
6. Siegele, Ulrich:   Some observations on the formal design of Bach's B-minor Mass. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 107-124. Part II: structure and proportion.
7. Unger, Melvin P.:   Chiastic reflection in the B-minor Mass: lament's paradoxical mirror [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 125-141. Part II: structure and proportion.
8. Tatlow, Ruth:   Parallel proportions, numerical structures and Harmonie in Bach's autograph score. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 142-162. Part II: structure and proportion.
9. Wolf, Uwe:   Many problems, various solutions: editing Bach's B-minor Mass. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 165-185. Part III: sources.
10. Shabalina, Tatiana:   Manuscript score No. 4500 in St Petersburg: a new source of the B-minor Mass. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 186-214. Part III: sources.
11. Leisinger, Ulrich:   Haydn's copy of the B-minor Mass and Mozart's Mass in C minor: Viennese traditions of the B-minor Mass [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 217-243. Part IV: reception.
12. Hartinger, Anselm:   'A really correct copy of the Mass'? Mendelssohn's score of the B-minor Mass as a document of the Romantics' view on matters of performance practice and source criticism. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 244-266. Part IV: reception.
13. Pardee, Katharine:   The B-minor Mass in nineteenth-century England. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 267-286. Part IV: reception.
14. Smaczny, Jan:   Bach's B-minor Mass: an incarnation in Prague in the 1860s and its consequences. [ce]ExploringBMM (2013), 287-297. Part IV: reception.
15. Tomita, Yo; Leaver, Robin A.; Smaczny, Jan (eds.):   Exploring Bach's B-minor Mass. Edited by Yo Tomita, Robin A. Leaver and Jan Smaczny. - Cambridge University Press, 2013. xxix, 314p. ISBN 978-1-107-00790-1. [contents]

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