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1. Butler, Gregory G.:   J. S. Bach and the Schemelli Gesangbuch Revisited. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Nov 1979)
2. Butler, Gregory G.:   Ordering Problems in J. S. Bach's Art of the Fugue Resolved. [p]AMS_Biltmore (Nov 1979)
3. Chafe, Eric T.:   Agricola's Score of Bach's St. Matthew Passion. [p]AMS_Allegheny (Dec 1979)
4. Flindell, E. Frederick:   Some Notes Concerning the Origins of Bach's Inventions. [p]AMS_RockyMountain (Apr 1979)
5. Frankel, Stuart:   Who Played Bach's Brass Parts? [p]AMS_Biltmore (Nov 1979)
6. Hardwick, Peter:   Nineteenth-Century B-A-C-H Works: A Link Between Bach and Schoenberg. [p]AMS_NewYorkState (Apr 1979)
7. Herz, Gerhard:   Bach Sources in America. [p]AMS_SouthCentral (Apr 1979)
8. Horn, Victoria K.:   Bach and French Music. [p]AMS_Biltmore (Nov 1979)
9. Kirkendale, Ursula:   The Source and Model for Bach's Musical Offering: The Institutio Oratoria of Quintilian. [p]AMS_Biltmore (Nov 1979)
10. Lewis, H. M.:   The Tromba da tirarsi before and after Bach: Some Newly-Discovered Sources. [p]AMS_Southwest (Apr 1979)
11. Lindley, Mark:   Bach's Harpsichord Tuning. [p]AMS_NorthernCalifornia (May 1979)

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