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1. [Cox, Howard H.]:   A Literary Analysis of the Intelligible Entries from the Total Sample. StudMcol 92 (1985), 12-30
2. Cox, Howard H.:   Bach's Conception of His Office. Bach 20/1 (Spring 1989), 22-30
3. Cox, Howard H.:   Bach's Knowledge of the Bible. [fs]Scheide (1993), 87-99
4. Cox, Howard H.:   Bach, the Bible, and the Cyclotron. Proteus 2/1 (1985), 8/13
5. [Cox, Howard H.]:   The Authentification of the Hand-Penned Material in Bach's Calov Bible. StudMcol 92 (1985), 3-11
6. Cox, Howard H. (ed.):   The Calov Bible of J. S. Bach. StudMcol 92 (1985), x, 460p
7. Cox, Howard H.:   The Scholarly Detective: Investigating Bach's Personal Bible. Bach 25/1 (Spring-Summer 1994), 28-45
8. Cox, Howard H.:   The Text Selection Process in Handel's Chandos Anthems. Bach 24/1 (Spring-Summer 1993), 21-34
9. Cox, Howard H.:   Tintenanalyse als neues Mittel der Bachforschung. Schrieb Bach alles, was an Eintragungen in der Calov-Bibel enthalten ist? [cr]Leipzig1985 (1988), 291-294

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